Sunday Special - - a weekly event at roshan's cucina

Come Sunday and it is time for many of us to indulge in some good food. It is said that cooking is a great way to unwind. For me cooking and blogging about food is almost therapeutical. To know more about the speciality of cuisine around the world and to encourage experimentation with new recipes, a Sunday Special event is being launched at this blog. Join me every week to display the specials we cooked for our dear ones and get to know what has been cooked in our friend's kitchen.

Sunday Special

the weekly event at roshan's cucina

# Send in any special recipe prepared on Sunday with a brief write up

# Only fresh posts may be sent. Old post may be reposted

# Entries close on Thursday at 2000 hrs IST(first edition on 24.09.2011) . Late entries will be considered for the following week

# Link back the recipe to the Sunday Special page with the logo

# Mail the recipe to

# The Sunday Special recipe will be published every Saturday night


  1. sent my entry
    happy hosting
    do check out food palette series rainbow colours looking forward to see your entry regards

  2. Happy hosting,will send my entries..

  3. Happy hosting dear,will send in my entries soon.

  4. happy hosting entries will be reaching you soon..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. Happy hosting, dear!! Will love to participate..
    You have a yummy recipe collection, glad to visit you:-))
    Visit my space when time permits..

  6. Nice event...happy hosting, will try to send in my entry too.

  7. hi roshan, first time here.. attracted to the word "sunday special"
    looking forward to view these coming special recipies

  8. This is a nice event and you have a nice collection of recipes here.


Try it and let me know if you wanted to make some changes or if you made some changes and share the idea!

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